Apr 22, 2013

PERMAcast Quality helps upgrade Apache’s Varanus Is. Infrastructure

Continuing their long standing successful association with Western Australia’s Oil and Gas sector, PERMAcast was recently awarded a contract to supply large caisson units for Apache Energy’s upgrade of the Varanus Island infrastructure.

As part of their Varanus Island wharf upgrades, PERMAcast supplied Apache Energy with 18 large caisson units. Nine of these units were 4.2m x 3.0m x 4.8m high and weighed a massive 45 tonne each. The other nine of these units were 4.2m x 3.0m x 3.65m high and still weighed an impressive 33 tonne each.

PERMAcast aims to mitigate risk for their clients through a clear demonstration of quality, compliance and effective management and business systems. To become a project supplier, PERMAcast had to first pass Apache’s stringent pre-qualification process and PERMAcasts conforming, well organised quality and safety management systems were critical in PEMAcast receiving Apache’s tick of approval.

The caisson units were manufactured using a highly specified S50 low heat mix design and fully galvanised reinforcement. Cast in specialised SS anchors were used for connecting fenders and ladders, all of which was completed by PERMAcast prior to shipment to the Island.

PERMAcast were required to produce one of these massive units each day in order to meet the short project schedule. This is another prime example of how PERMAcast’s large scale modern precast facility and enviable 250,000m2 of storage space allows them to maximise production efficiencies and thus provide clients with the most cost competitive production solutions.

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