Jul 20, 2016

PERMAcast Television Debut – Mitchell FWY Bridge Beams

PERMAcast has successfully completed production of 54 Tee-Roff Bridge beams for the construction of four new bridges on the Mitchell Freeway extension in Perth’s northern suburbs. With an average weight of 90 tonnes each, so impressive were the PERMAcast Bridge Beams that they featured heavily in a recent Channel Seven News Story (see video below).

PERMAcast were awarded the contract to manufacture the beams by CPB Contractors Pty Ltd who are the head contractor on the state government project.

In order to meet its contract obligations PERMAcast was required to design, fabricate and commission a brand new state of the art prestress bed facility. The advanced technology allowed PERMAcast to manufacture a bridge beam each day in order to meet the tight construction program.

The beams were complex in nature due to intricate connection details (too create continuous beams) and detailed key joint arrangements to ensure the beams did not leak at insitu connection points.

PERMAcas’ts large storage facility was very useful in holding up to 25 of the large beams at one time for just in time delivery requirements from the client. The installation of many of the beams was done overnight to allow for the shutdown of the public rail system with some beams even requiring a police escort due to the size and width.

Click on the video below or follow this link to view the Channel Seven News Story:  https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/video/watch/32072778/expansion-to-mitchell-freeway-in-full-swing/#page1

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