Our team has been involved in the manufacture and/or installation of almost every conceivable precast concrete rail component including:

  • Mainline Light Rail Sleepers – in excess of 250,000 narrow gauge and standard gauge.
  • Heavy Haul Rail Sleepers – in excess of 400,000.
  • Turnout Bearers for passenger and heavy haul rail projects.
  • Precast level crossings for both vehicular and foot traffic.
  • Precast concrete rail tunnel liners – in excess of 7,500.
  • Rail tunnel dive structures.
  • Precast and prestressed bridge components for rail grade separations.
  • Precast Slabs and retaining walls for train stations.
  • Strail Crossing Edge Beams.
  • Heavy duty reinforced concrete box culverts under rail.
  • And the list goes on…..

Our large scale modern precast and prestressed manufacturing facilities and our large storage yard are ideally suited for manufacture of high spec rail components.

Please contact us to discuss the rail requirements for your project.

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