Post Tension Water Tank Panels – ERWWTP

  • York Civil Pty Ltd
  • Project Period: 2014

Post Tension Water Tank Panels – Onslow

  • Structural Systems
  • Project Period: 2014

Project Specifications:

  • ERWWTP – 176No Curved Tank Panels (11T)
  • ERWWTP – 16No Buttress Panels (18T)
  • Onslow – 56No Curved Tank Panels (19.2T)

Project Details:

  • Tight construction programs issued for fabrication.
  • Delivery of panels up to 1400km (Onslow).
  • Detailed key joint arrangements provided to ensure no leaking at in-situ connections.
  • Storage for just in time delivery.
  • Cast-in of Stainless Steel access units to each of the tanks.
  • Value adding – Structural Systems completed vertical post-tensioning within Permacast Yard
  • S50 Concrete with high specification requirements for use in potable water.

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