Supply of Precast Drainage Components

  • Client: BGC Contracting
  • Project Period: Dec 2008 – June 2009

Project Specifications:

  • 150No AOC Manholes – Epoxy Lined (5T – 15T)
  • 8No EOF Manholes (5T – 30T)
  • 68No Firewater Valve Pits
  • 42No Valve Pits
  • 46No Fire Traps
  • 91No Catch Basins
  • 2400No Electrical Trench Units (2.45m Long)

Project Details:

  • Single pour construction = no construction joints, eliminating the possibility of potential leaks onsite.
  • Manufacture of over 400 types of pits and manholes, where no two items were the same. Extensive rationalisation.
  • Due to the rapid installation of the products, PERMAcast was able to accelerate the production program to turn out up to 1500t/month of products in the latter stages of the contract.
  • All units fitted with ladders and coated with epoxy prior to site delivery.
  • PERMAcast prepared all penetration to receive onsite grouting of GRE and concrete pipes.

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